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Fluid XP+ HP 1 Litre Size

Fluid XP+ HP 1 Litre Size
Fluid XP Plus

Fluid XP+ HP was developed by a retired NASA scientist currently used to cool super computers, high-end gaming PCs, business workstations and servers.

  • Non-Conductive
  • Environmentally Safe: Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable: All FDA approved food grade ingredients.
  • Long Lasting: 5+ year shelf life.
  • Robust: Neutral pH of 7 and non-electrolytic, safe for use with PC Water Cooling Pumps.
  • Corrosive inhibiting: Anti corrosion or Anti-rusting.

End the worries of water damage in your computer. Fluid XP+ HP is a water substitute for Computer Water Cooling Systems which is Non-toxic, Non-Conductive and Biodegradable.

Fluid XP is a patent pending mixture of Propylene glycol, De-ionized water, Glycerin, Keltrol, Benzotriazole and some other proprietary ingredients.

Fluid XP+ product line of coolants have been through the ASTM testing procedure to test conductivity. The rate of the product is around 12 micro siemens, which is considered zero conductivity for a liquid.

Approximately unit volume size is 32 oz or 1 litre.

Suggested volume:
  • Kit for CPU only = 1 unit
  • Kit for VGA + Chipset= 1 unit
  • Kit for CPU, VGA, Chipset= 1 units
  • Complete systems with dual radiators= 1 unit
  • Complete systems with triple radiators= 2 units
  • Complete systems with external reservoir = 3 to 4 units
  • If with a custom Water Cooling system, Kit-Tronics recommends to measure the amount of water currently in your system to obtain the correct volume needed.
Weight 1,00 lbs
Market price: CA$27,95
Our price: CA$9,95 (US$7,66)
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