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The value behind Tiablo is the tireless effort to challenge expectations through improved design and the old ways of doing business. A dedicated group with background experience, and know how, in the high end and tactical flashlight industry.

Tiablo's sales and customer service are customer-focused by remaining true to a well-proven formula-regularly asking how we can do it better and taking immediate action.

Tiablo has a operating culture based on teamwork, efficiency and integrity with the goal is to deliver long-term value both for our customers and shareholders.

  The power of a star in your hand.....


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Tiablo A9 Antil-Spill 42 mm
Tiablo A9 Antil-Spill will reduce overspill of light and concentrate the beam when used with most flashlights with head diameter of 42 mm.

Our price: $27,95 (US$21,13)
Tiablo A8 / A9 Reflector
SKU: SKU3295113

Tiablo Reflector for A8 and A9 Series Flashlights.

Our price: $9,95 (US$7,52)
Market price: $19,95 , save 50%

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