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Temperature Sensor
SKU: 01-L-0602
Get piece of mind with this temperature sensors for ChillControl USB versions 1.XX and 2.XX or WaterChill Mag Drive 12VDC USB Pump.

Our price: $5,99 (US$4,91)
Market price: $9,95 , save 40%
VapoChill XE PE SE XE2 Titanium Panel
SKU: 01-L-0820
Asetek 01-L-0820 Titanium lateral panel without a window for VapoChill XE, PE, SE and XE2.

Our price: $9,95 (US$8,16)
Market price: $49,95 , save 80%
VapoChill LS Aluminum Dress up kit
SKU: 04-L-0100
VapoChill LightSpeed Original Aluminum Dress Up Kit. This replaceable cover from Asetek allows the LS case to match your preferences.

Our price: $49,95 (US$40,96)
Market price: $124,95 , save 60%